3d tv channels - 3D Vision

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3d tv channels - 3D Vision

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3d tv channels - 3D Vision


  1. Comment by lisa lisa

    I want to buy a 3DTV for Xmas, should i do or not? Please help

  2. Comment by Darren Darren

    It may be too late for this comment but assuming you are still interested in 3D, realize that there is not much content available. 3D movie rentals are expensive, there are just a few decent 3D games, and very few providers of 3D content for your TV. There are deals to be had but do your research. I am extremely happy with my 3D TV (55\" LG Passive 3D) but you need to be aware of the realities.

  3. Comment by lisa lisa

    Thanks for your reply Darren. In fact; i have not bought but i am still interested... When do you think i should buy one... ? Thanks

  4. Comment by Lennylacey Lennylacey

    I am very happy with my Smasung 59+ Plasma (Active) 3D TV,. And while you are rightt he content available si somewhat limited, there is content. I use the DVR and record from the 5 Networks on Direct TV that provide 3d content, so if I cghoose I always have something to watch in 3d, plus I ahve purchased a few movies, you can stream Some from Vudu. Yes its new and yes the content is not what iw ould like, but there is enough for now and when I am not watching beautiful 3d I am watching georgous 1080 HD so yeah Ia m very happy with mine. I would recommend though that you egt Active 3d vs Passive for true HD, there is quite a differnce. Also be aware that some brands are more expensive then others for Glasses. Samsung glasses are pretty reasonable, especially fo you buy them online. in fact always buy them online regradless of brand.. batteries too. Much cheaper.

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