3D Video - Fuji W1 VS …

Video was posted on 12 Mar 2011 at 08:08AM

3D Video - Fuji W1 VS Panasonic SDT750 Here's some similar test shots taken first with the Panasonic SDT750 3D Camcorder then with the Fuji W1 3D Camera. I thought this would be of interest to those considering purchasing either device. Note the Fuji's videos have been stretched to fill the frame but it is interesting to see the 3D for comparison, as well as the detail and quality. Apologies for the shaking - my gloves were off and it was pretty cold. Enhanced Dimensions is giving away a whole heap of cool 3D freebies this Christmas. 3D Cards, 3D Videos and 3D Desktops - all for Christmas and all for FREE! Visit enhanced-dimensions.com right now to grab the goodies. The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel is an online 3D TV channel dedicated to showing the best in creative stereoscopic 3D videos and 3d animations. Enhanced Dimensions is proud to present some of the best stereoscopic 3d videos on YouTube and Vimeo. A 3D Stereoscopic Production for Enhanced Dimensions by Andrew Murchie.


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