Etisalat adds 'High TV 3D' to eLife TV

Posted on 19 Mar 2012 at 11:11AM
Etisalat adds 'High TV 3D' to eLife TV

Etisalat adds 'High TV 3D' to eLife TV

by Jason Saundalkar on Mar 19, 2012 High TV 3D is the only channel in the world that constantly broadcasts 3D content. Etisalat has added High TV 3D, the world's only 24/7 3D channel, to its bouquet of channels on offer. The channel occupies channel ...

Etisalat has added High TV 3D, the world’s only 24/7 3D channel, to its bouquet of channels on offer. The channel occupies channel slot 333 on eLife TV.

Commenting on the introduction of the channel, Rashed Alabbar, Vice President, Home Product Marketing of Etisalat said, “We are very pleased to add High TV 3D channel to the rich bouquet of content for our eLife TV viewers. As leaders in home entertainment, Etisalat was the first in the UAE and the region to bring 3D to our customers with the broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Today, we once again become the first to launch a 24/7, dedicated 3D entertainment and lifestyle channel. Our customers will love the experience of viewing 3D TV from the comforts of their living rooms. The addition of the 3D channel strengthens our repertoire of entertainment options provided to our customers. It also substantiates our commitment to offer the best-in-class TV entertainment to our viewers.”

The channel offers entertainment news, travel programs from around the world, as well as exclusive dramas, comedies, fitness shows and movies.

“It is indeed a major milestone for us, as an international 3D channel, to be present in the Middle East on the leading platform with the highest reach,” said Eric Klein, CEO of High TV 3D. “We are excited to be bringing the very best in lifestyle and entertainment programming to an audience that embraces Entertainment as the very essence of their culture. We look forward to presenting HIGH TV 3D eclectic programs to more territories across the World,” added Klein.

High TV 3D was founded in 2010 in New York and runs branch offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The channel promises 100 new shows and 400 new hours of entertainment every year.

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  1. Comment by Luismaria Luismaria

    Hi, Antoin There has been mention of MPEG4 in the teednr docs for the 3 commercial mux. It would seem that RTc9 favour MPEG4 and the possibility of HD. This is a good thing and is forward looking. It means that UK hardware (cheap now and mass produced) will not work in the 26 counties. But the suggestion of MPEG4 does not make it a minimum standard and as I read it it is being set as a maximum. If RTc9 applied this logic on MPEG to radio they would run a mile from DAB, but they want DAB so much they\'re shutting down MW to help fund DAB. Crazy. I wonder though if the spectrum effectiveness are lesser our greater with HD mpeg4 (not standard definition mpeg4) versus mpeg2 standard definition. The RTc9 mpeg4 argument also makes a laugh of the RTc9 DRM argument, RTc9 know they need to innovate and lead DTT MPEG 4 to drive down STB prices on new tech. The same logic applies to DRM which RTc9 now stall in favour of a analogue half power LW with no MW fallback. RTc9 do not have limitless resources, but that is no excuse for the differences in transmission planning between TV radio, between analogue digital between old and new. RTc9 have a clear mandate from Gov. (March 2007) for International TV and (added at the last minute) International Radio. We need a viewers listeners association that has teeth (and will bite), the suits in RTc9 are playing a numbers game as the only thing they seem to care about is share and competition with the commercial TV radio companies in Ireland.On reason given for MW shutdown was not many listen to it anymore. Based on this logic RTc9 National Symphony Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Choir, Cf3r na nd3g and the RTc9 Vanbrugh Quartet should expect the P45 any day. This line of argument I don\'t support. What is needed on the lawn of Montrose is 12 foot letters reminding the organisation that they are a public service broadcaster not commercial. This means both taking unpopular decisions but also deciding to serve the unpopular.

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