How can I get every 2014/15 UEFA Champions League football game on TV?

Posted on 12 Aug 2014 at 15:03PM

To get the Sky Sports channels in HD you'll need to pay an extra £5.25/month, for a grand monthly total of £51.25. To get the games in 3D, you'll need to take Sky Sports with the Family Bundle. Combined with Sky Sports, this costs £57.50/month.

How can I get all of the UEFA Champions League games on Sky, Virgin Media, BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Freeview, YouView and Freesat? 

With the launch of Sky Sports 5, this season’s UEFA Champions League is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. 

Even more exciting is the news that BT TV customers aren’t being left out in the cold - thanks to an 89th minute deal with Sky, BT is now able to offer Sky Sports 5 to customers with a BT Vision+ box and an Infinity broadband package. 

So, how can you get all of the UEFA Champions League games on your TV package and how much will it all cost?

ITV and Sky share the rights to show UK viewers UEFA Champions League games in 2014 and 2015.rnOn Tuesday nights, ITV has first choice for 16 live games during the competition, plus highlights. rnSky Sports will show seven live games on Tuesday nights and eight games on Wednesdays. rnBoth ITV and Sky Sports will broadcast the 2015 UEFA Champions League final live from the Olympic Stadium on Berlin. 

The Saturday 3pm ‘closed window’ was created to protect attendances at lower-league games where ticket receipts are a vital source of income, but it has no effect on the Champions League matches, which are held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

There’s no centralised list of UEFA coverage, but ITV keeps a list here and Sky has a list of all its upcoming football coverage here. 

ITV show all of their games in high definition, which can be seen on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk TV, BT TV (on both the YouView+ and BT Vision+ boxes) Freeview, YouView and Freesat. ITV HD is a free to air high definition channel so you won’t need to pay an exra for it. 

Sky Sports viewers will need to pay an extra £5.25/month to get HD channels on Sky TV, while Virgin Media charges £7/month extra for Sky’s premium HD channels. Sky Sports is not available in HD on BT TV or TalkTalk TV. 

Depending on the host broadcaster, some of Sky’s UEFA Championship League matches will be in 3D, on Sky 3D, which is available for no extra charge to anyone taking the top-tier Sky Family Bundle with Sky Sports.

ITV and ITV HD are free on Sky, but for the full season of games, you’ll need a Sky Sports subscription.rnSky Sports costs £24.50/month and must be taken in conjunction with one of Sky’s basic TV bundles.

These are the Original Bundle (£21.50/month), Variety Bundle (£28/month) and Family Bundle (£33/month). 

Combined with Sky Sports, the cheapest way to get Champions League football on Sky is to go with the Original Bundle, which works out at £46/month. 

To get the Sky Sports channels in HD you’ll need to pay an extra £5.25/month, for a grand monthly total of £51.25. 

To get the games in 3D, you’ll need to take Sky Sports with the Family Bundle. Combined with Sky Sports, this costs £57.50/month. 

To get Champions League games in HD, you’ll pay £62.75/month. 

ITV and ITV HD are part of all of Virgin Media’s TV packages. 

To get Sky Sports on Virgin Media you’ll need to sign up for the Sky Sports Collection, which includes Sky Sports 5, Sky’s home of Champions League football. 

The cheapest way to get this is to sign up for the More TV package (£16) on its own - no phone or broadband - and get the Sky Sports Collection (£29.25). This works out at £45.25/month. 

If you want the Sky Sports channels in HD as well, you’ll need to pay £7/month on top of that. 

To get all of the Champions League games in HD on Virgin Media you’ll have to pay £52.25/month in total. 

ITV and ITV HD are free to air channels and so you can get them on BT Vision+. As of August 12, Sky Sports 5 is being offered to BT Vision+ customers provided they can get a fibre-based BT Infinity package. 

Customers who pay £21/month for Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 bundled together will get Sky Sports 5 free of charge. There’s currently no way to get Sky Sports 5 on its own from BT. 

Sky Sports 1, 2 and 5 cost £21/month with BT Vision+. Combined with the required TV Essentials package (£5/month) and BT Infinity 1 - the cheapest fibre-based service plus line rental (£30.99/month) -  this works out at £56.99/month. 

ITV and ITV HD are free to air channels and so you can get them on any BT TV box. 

While you can get Sky Sports 5 on BT Vision+ boxes, it’s not yet available with any BT-branded YouView boxes. 

You can get ITV and ITV HD on any TalkTalk TV package, as they’re both free to air channels. 

The Sky Sports Boost - which includes Sky Sports 5 - can be added to either the Essentials TV or Plus TV broadband, phone and TV bundles for £30/month. 

Added to Essentials TV (£24.45/month) this works out at £54.45/month. The more expensive Plus TV service (£34.45/month) costs £64.20/month when you add the Sky Sports channels. 

As the Essentials TV box doesn’t come with a hard drive, you can’t record any matches to watch later. The Plus TV box comes with a 350GB hard drive which will let you store up to 200 hours of SD programmes and 80 hours of HD content. 

You can’t record any Sky Sports matches at the moment but you will be able to record games shown on ITV and ITV HD. 

ITV and ITV HD are free to view on Freeview HD as well as YouView boxes. 

Sky Sports isn’t currently available to order on any Freeview HD boxes or TVs, even if you have a viewing card and unless you’ve got a TalkTalk-branded YouView box (see above) you won’t be able to add any Sky Sports channels. 

ITV1 and ITV1 HD are free on Freesat and Freesat HD boxes and TVs. Sky Sports channels are not available on Freesat. 

ITV is available on the ITV Player, which is available online and on iOS and Android. ITV Player is also built in to YouView boxes and Freetime from Freesat boxes and TVs. 

Media streamers like the Roku 3 and Sky’s Now TV Box can also access ITV Player.

From now until November 27, Sky is offering access to Sky Sports on Now TV at the reduced rate of £6.99/day or £10.99/week. 

Sky TV customers can stream games online with Sky Go. Sky Go is available online, on iOS and Android and Xbox 360. Sky Go is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year while Xbox One has not been confirmed for Sky Go support. 

Sky TV subscribers with Sky Sports can access the UEFA Champions League Event Centre on the Sky Sports for iPad app, which is now also available to Virgin TV customers as well as Sky TV subscribers. 

It offers a selection of up to eight live matches, with a split-screen function that lets you watch two games at the same time.

There's also a live Twitter feed with selected fan, pundit, player and manager tweets, and goal alerts for every goal in every live Sky Sports match to let you know there are video highlights available.

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